Where we live

This resource pack introduces pupils to different types of homes. Pupils look at and explore a variety of homes such as a house, a flat, a caravan and a bungalow, and talk about what sort of home they live in. Pupils also look at house numbers and complete sorting and matching games involving numbers 1-9.

Learning objectives:

  • to talk about home and where they live
  • to begin to identify different sorts of houses and homes
  • to begin to recognise numbers and begin to match number to sign

Starter activity

Main session - part 1

Main session - part 2


Download lesson pack - For ease of use, create a folder on your computer first. Double click on this link and select run if asked. Browse the folder you have just created and click unzip. The resource will then unzip itself to this folder where it will be ready for use.

NGfL / GCaD Cymru