Gwenno Dafydd
Heulwen Thomas
January 2008


Ring out the bells for Saint David

On March the first 2005 Gwenno Dafydd was taking part in the National St Davidís Day Parade in Cardiff and ringing a heavy bell similar to the bells used by Saint David. She had a flash of inspiration and decided that a fitting song was needed to celebrate the occasion. At the first opportunity Gwenno wrote the words and her musical partner Heulwen Thomas composed the tune.

The song was first performed by Gwenno and Heulwen at the 2006 Parade and also during the year it was performed by the pupils at Ysgol Gymraeg Teganna, Cardiff. The song was warmly received by pupils and teachers in a number of schools in Cardiff and soon after it was adopted by the St Davidís Day Parade Steering Committee as their official song.

This version of the song was recorded by the pupils at Ysgol Gymraeg Pen y Garth, Vale of Glamorgan accompanied by Heulwen Thomas. We are grateful to Mrs Iona Edwards and Mrs Alwena Harries for all their hard work training the pupils.

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© Lyrics - Gwenno Dafydd
© Music - Heulwen Thomas.
Final Version 22nd November 2007

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