This unit looks at minibeasts and may be useful either prior to embarking on work of a practical nature or after a practical session collecting and observing bugs. This activity should not replace the practical task of collecting bugs. The thrill pupils have in first hand observations of live creatures cannot be replicated on a whiteboard screen.

Using the resources in this pack, pupils will learn about:

  • different kinds of animals in the local environment
  • that animals can be grouped according to observable similarities and differences


  1. The first activity gives pupils the opportunity to create an insect and learn that an insect must have six legs.
  2. This activity illustrates where bugs might be found and that some are consumers while others are carnivores.
  3. The life cycle of a butterfly.
  4. Plenary session. Is it an insect? Categorise the minibeast on observable features.

Starter activity

Main session part 1

Main session part 2


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