By using this resource pack pupils will:

  • learn that actions produce particular outcomes
  • respond to feedback from the computer
  • improve accuracy, speed of reactions and hand-eye coordination
  • improve their use of the mouse
  • use the computer to explore real-life and imaginary situations

Desirable outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of the world:

  • begin to find out about outcomes, problem solving and decision making

Physical development:

  • handle small tools and objects with increasing control and for appropriate purposes

Personal and social development:

  • explore and experiment confidently with new learning opportunities
  • take turns, share and begin to exercise self control

Starter activity
Learn the Incy Wincy Spider poem

Main session part 1
Practice using your mouse by joining up the dots

Main session part 2
Help Incy find the way out of the pipes, back to her web.

Main session part 3
Find the hidden flies in Incy Wincy's web

Main session part 4
Stop Incy getting wet by clicking on the falling water drops

Put Incy Wincy's poem in the correct order

Download lesson pack
Please save and then extract this file to your hard drive first before trying to use. Thank you.

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