Healthy Eating



Through using the activities in this resource pack pupils should:

  • know what humans need to stay alive
  • know that the body needs energy from food and liquid
  • know what foods are healthy and what foods are not
  • know the importance of eating the right sorts of foods
  • be able to make choices about foods and give reasons

Science national curriculum: Scientific enquiry 1:1, 2:1, 2:2, Life processes 1:3, 2:4. It can also be used in PSE lessons.

This resource pack includes a series of interactive whiteboard screens providing pupils with basic nutritional information related to healthy eating. The screens require pupils to look carefully at the facts and discuss the information with their teacher and peers.

They encourage pupils to apply their knowledge to sort and classify foods into healthy and non-healthy groups and to use a variety of data handling techniques. A series of worksheets support and extend the lesson.

Starter activity
Decide what we need and do not need to keep us alive

Main session part 1
Take a look at food groups and discover why we need them

Main session part 2
Look at what your class like to eat

Decide what is healthy and unhealthy for you

Download lesson pack
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