Apostrophes can be used for shortened forms of words or to mark possession. Of the two, the use of the apostrophe for possession is the most complex. Some pupils will be tempted to use an apostrophe whenever a word ends with an "s", confusing the plural with ownership.

This set of interactive activities examines the use of the apostrophe to indicate both singular and plural ownership. The emphasis is on working orally, so that pupils can see themselves as owners and understand what the apostrophe, in this context, is communicating.

The final activity recaps on the use of the apostrophe to signal a missing letter and provides an entertaining game encouraging pupils to make a distinction between the apostrophes of possession and contraction. Throughout the lesson, the emphasis is on collaborative learning, with pupils comparing their answers and justifying their conclusions.

Interactive whiteboard activity 1

Interactive whiteboard activity 2

Interactive whiteboard activity 3

Interactive whiteboard activity 4

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