This pack of science activities can be used for either teaching or revision.

The activities will enable the teacher to:
  • position the nine planets interactively
  • demonstrate the phases of the moon
  • show that the moon orbits the Earth roughly every 28 days
  • illustrate to pupils that the Earth spins on its own axis
  • show that day and night are related to the Earth's rotation
Within each of the activities further information can be accessed in order to develop pupils' knowledge, support the lesson or for research.

These activities address the science Welsh Curriculum areas of the Earth and beyond, sections 1, 2, 4 and 5 in Physical Processes.

This pack contains:
  • three interactive whiteboard activities
  • reference material and animations
  • a moon worksheet

Starter activity

Main session part 1

Main session part 2

Main session part 3

Main session part 4


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