Millennium Stadium

Advertising at the Millennium Stadium

As with all major sporting venues a service available to business customers is advertising at a number of points within the stadium.  This is known as ‘branding’ which means that the organisation buying advertising space becomes associated with the Millennium Stadium brand image.  Companies may pay thousands of pounds to have their name and products on boards and posters within the stadium.

There are a number of locations where advertising space can be sold and the stadium’s website suggests the advantages of each location.

Set out below are the locations of the advertising spaces available with the advantages of each.

Perimeter Advertising Boards
‘Perimeter Advertising Boards are located around the venue's main bowl at pitch level and around its middle & upper tiers.
Promoting your company's business on one of our few remaining advertising boards is still one of the best ways in which to directly communicate with a captive Stadium and television audience.

Boards are available in various different sizes at strategic points around the ground to interact visually & physically with Stadium goers and subliminally with the wider television audience.’

Match and event day Programme Advertising

‘Advertising your business in our Millennium Stadium Match & Event Day Programmes is the ideal medium to target, and communicate with a captive consumer and corporate market.
Programmes will be viewed by clients partaking in Stadium Hospitality, and by match-goers located within and around the Stadium during the course of and run up to an event.’
Big Screen Advertising

‘Your business can benefit from the branding opportunities presented by the Millennium Stadium's two major focal points; the Big Screens situated at either end of the Stadium's main bowl.
Big Screen advertising can be broken down into two categories; Screen Advertising and Hoarding Branding.

Screen Advertising involves the purchasing of an advertising slot on the Big Screen - which will also be seen on the televisions in the Hospitality Boxes and Hospitality Suites. This will be shown at a fixed point during the course of a match or event.

Light Box Advertising
‘One of the many branding opportunities that exist outside of the main bowl of the Millennium Stadium.

Light Boxes situated at strategically placed points within the main interior corridors, concourses and stairwells of the Millennium Stadium capture the attention of spectators as they make their way to and from the stands and their seats.’
Step Advertising
‘As an opportunity to market your product to the Millennium Stadium captive audience and television audience, Stadium Step Advertising offers a different option by actively catching the graphic imagination of match-goers. Pictures are broken up and put into pieces along individual steps which reform as whole pictures or phrases when viewed at particular angles.’


Activity 8

Explain how:

  • The Millennium Stadium benefits by businesses advertising their products around the stadium
  • The businesses benefit by advertising their products around the Millennium Stadium