This unit describes and explains:

  • how the weather over the British Isles varies according to air masses and pressure systems
  • how a mid-latitude depression and weather fronts are formed
  • the characteristics of a depression
  • the contrasting weather associated with a depression and its associated fronts

These materials could be used to support the Weather and climate theme for key stage 3 geography, especially the understanding of "How and why aspects of weather and climate vary from place to place". These materials will also develop geographical enquiry and skills through the analyses of satellite images, diagrams and weather maps.

At key stage 4 the materials support the "Weather, climate and tourism" element of the WJEC GCSE Geography (A_mainstream) specification, in particular the description and explanation of the contrasting weather of a depression and its associated fronts. The materials also offer the learning experiences of interpreting satellite images and synoptic maps.

Animations and graphics are used to show the dynamic nature of these processes. A set of background notes are provided as guidance for the teacher.

Starter activity

Main session


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