Castle Shapes The aim of the resource pack is to give pupils the opportunity to identify and investigate two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes in the context of a Welsh castle (Castell Coch).

The resource pack includes activities identifying the properties of 2-D shapes, using a Venn diagram to categorise them, and a simple investigation of the congruence of shapes (how shapes can fit together).

3-D shapes are used to further investigate the castle structure by identifying properties and using a Venn diagram. Activities include making and using nets to construct a simplified model of the castle.

Printable worksheets complement these activities.

Welsh national curriculum links:
Mathematics KS2 - Shape, space and measures: 1.2, 1.3

Starter activity part 1
Covering the learning objectives and definitions

Starter activity part 2
Sorting out 2 and 3-D shapes

Main session part 1
Identify the shapes found in the floorplan of Castell Coch and use a Venn diagram to sort them out.

Main session part 2
Label the parts of a 3-D shape and use a Venn diagram to sort out shapes with curved faces and vertices

Identify properties of 3-D shapes

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