This is the second lesson on the topic of photosynthesis. The purpose of this lesson is to reinforce understanding gained from carrying out the experiments to show that light, carbon dioxide and chlorophyll are required for photosynthesis, and that starch and oxygen are produced as a result. The lesson could also be used in place of carrying out the experiments (although this is not recommended). The lesson also includes an experiment that can be carried out to measure the rate of photosynthesis.

The second part of the lesson contains an activity to give students an understanding of limiting factors and that the rate of photosynthesis can be changed by increasing light intensity, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration.

Interactive whiteboard activity 1
Experiment and test: starch, light, carbon dioxide, chlorophyll and oxygen
Interactive whiteboard activity 2
Looking at rates of photosynthesis
Interactive whiteboard activity 3
Help to grow big tomatoes by altering three contributing factors: light, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration.

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