Unit 2 > Human Growth & Development > Emotional Development

Introduction to Emotional development

Emotional development is about an individual’s feelings for and about other people, objects, situations and experiences.  Adults are able to use words to express their feelings and explain how they are feeling.  Children cannot do this as easily as they may not have the words to describe how they are feeling.  

So, they express their feelings by:

  • Hitting out when angry
  • Crying, kicking and screaming when they are refused
  • Shriek with happiness

Positive emotions such as happiness need to be encouraged by praising.

Negative emotions such as anger and anxiety need to dealt with carefully and in a positive way, cuddles, being calm, distraction and patience.

Learning to control feelings and behaviour is part of a child’s  emotional development .

A baby develops an emotional bond with their main carers over the first 18months of their life.  It is important as it  gives the baby stability and security to develop well.