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There are health risks to  individuals who take illegal drugs as they are not supervised by health professionals.  There is also the danger of drug addiction which leads to long term damage to the individual’s body and the risk of being poisoned.

Misuse of any substance legal or illegal can have serious affects on an individual’s health and well – being and can lead to death.

No one can force an individual into taking drugs, individuals have a choice.  Drug addiction is preventable.

Recreational drugs, by their nature, mess with your mind......

The following are some of the side effects of substance misuse:

Anxiety, paranoia, depression, inability to sleep, nervousness,uncertainty, paranoia, confusion, depression, memory problems, feeling tired, irritability,concentration problems, mental illnesses such as psychosis, distortion of objects, movement, vision and hearing, dizziness, disorientation, fear, panic, lowers testosterone, impairs sperm production, disrupts the ovulation cycle, injecting drug users (IDUs) who share needles are at risk of contracting serious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

There are number of known risk factors that may lead an individual to substance misuse.

The education form has also identified a number of factors that can protect individuals from the risk factors.

Identified risk factors

  • Chaotic home environment
  • Parents who misuse drugs or suffer from mental illness
  • Behaviour disorders
  • Lack of parental nurturing
  • Inappropriate and/or aggressive classroom behaviour
  • School failure
  • Poor coping skills
  • Low commitment to school
  • Friendships with deviant peers
  • Low socio-economic status
  • Early age of first drug use
  • Being labelled as a drug misuser

Protective factors

  • Strong family bonds
  • Experiences of strong parental monitoring with clear family rules
  • Family involvement in the lives of the children
  • Successful school experiences
  • Strong bonds with local community activities
  • A caring relationship with at least one adult

If an individual uses harmful substances it can become uncontrolled, start to control them and lead to serious physical  and mental problems.

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