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Care needs of individuals


Promoting healthy lifestyles for people in England and Wales is an important governmental responsibility.

DH(department of health)  runs initiatives to help people quit smoking, eat better and exercise more, as well as health screening projects and training and skills programmes.  

If people are healthier then resources can be developed and improved for those in real need.  

The outcome would be a better Health and social care service as resources would not be wasted on individuals who have suffer with ill health as a result of their  lifestyle choices.

Health Statistics  

Counting the number of people in certain circumstances e.g. those who have been diagnosed with cancer, those who smoke, those that have been have been immunised , then compare that number in relation to the whole population or within a client group or a particular area .  Statistics are collected from the time each of us is born using our birth certificates.  The birth certificate logs individuals into the social welfare system of the UK.  The information tells the government a lot about the background of the baby’s family.  Soon after birth the baby is registered with a GP  at the local health centre.  This puts the baby into the automatic system for accessing immunisation programmes and health checks.

Every time an individual completes a form the information given will be stored somewhere.

Local government, local authorities, councils, educational establishments, health care providers will all collect information.  They may use the information collected to plan services in the area.  The local education authority  will  collect, on a yearly basis, the number of births in the area  in order to make sure that there are enough pre-school  places.

Voluntary organisations will collect information on the numbers of people they are helping or providing support, their  individuals needs and living conditions.  They will use this information to act as a pressure  grouphover over to improve the individual’s life experiences.

One of the main sources of information for the government is the census which is conducted every 10 years, the last one was in 2001, the next one will be in 2011.  The office for National statistics (ONS) http://www.statistics.gov.uk analyses and publishes statistics about the UK.  

The department of health produces health statistics about the health of the nation http://www.dh.gov.uk

National statistics can help show trends over time, they can be compared with current statistics and with and individual’s own findings.