Unemployment (poor diet, poor housing, stress)

Unemployment is a vicious circle.  No regular income deprives people of the means to live an acceptable  standard of living.  Housing is in short supply and if the individual has no income other than benefits they can only afford poor housing and a poor diet.  This leads to illness and despondency which is reflected when they go for an interview for a job.  It becomes difficult to maintain social relationships due to financial difficulties, hence, a  loss of a social network for getting information about jobs available.  Those individuals who have a history of unemployment end up with a  series of temporary jobs.  This  lowers their self esteem and they feel insecure.  They do not have the chance to develop their  skills and so remain unskilled denying them the opportunity to apply for a better job.

Some of the causes of unemployment are:

  • Lack of skills
  • Low achievement at school
  • Live in areas of social deprivation

The affects of unemployment are:

  • Poor housing
  • Poor diet
  • Low income/financial hardship
  • Despondency
  • Stress due to family pressure to find work
  • Loss of self confidence in applying for jobs