Sali Mali

Story: The Pancake Race

Activity 1: Cherry on the Cake

Activity 2: Design a Menu

Activity 3: Making Welsh Cakes


Gwen Gwadden

Story: Recycling Everything

Activity 1: Sort the Shapes

Activity 2: What's Gwen Gwadden Looking For?

Activity 3: Plastic Picture

Gwen Gwadden

Dwmplen Malwoden

Story: A Trip to the Seaside

Activity 1: Sort the Shells

Activity 2: Seaside Sentences

Activity 2: Seaside Collage

Dwmplaen Malwoden

Jim Cro Crystyn

Story: Jim Cro Crystyn's Farm

Activity 1: Sort the Farm Animals

Activity 2: Hidden Sheep

Activity 3: Farmyard Symphony

Jim Cro Crystyn
Nicw Nacw

Pili Pala

Story: Pili Pala's Hotel

Activity 1: A Day in the Guest House

Activity 2: Tidy the Guest House

Activity 3: Around the Town

Pili Pala 

Cwacen Hwyaden and friends

Story: Cwacen the Duck and Friends

Activity 1: One More Duck

Activity 2: Skating on the Pond

Cwacen Hwyaden

Parri Popeth

Story: Posting Parcels

Activity 1: Compare the Parcels

Activity 2: Delivering Letters

Activity 3: Writing Postcards

Parri Popeth

Dan the Snowman

Story: Dan the Snowman

Activity 1: Sort the Snowmen

Activity 2: Making Lists

Activity 3: Build a House

Dan the Snowman
Siani Flewog

Tomos Caradog

Story: Sorry Teddy

Activity 1: Old Money

Activity 2: Initial Sounds

Activity 3: Which Toy Doesn't Belong?

Tomos Caradog

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