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Introduction to the digital resource

National Waterfront Museum Swansea

National Waterfront Museum


The resource is designed primarily to be used by students and teachers/lecturers following GCSE courses in Leisure and Tourism as well as A level, OCR and BTEC courses in Travel and Tourism. Students of Business Studies and other related subjects may also find the information to be of value.


How to use the resource

Users can find their own way through the resource by clicking on any of the links below. These will take you to video clips, activities or additional information. The resource is divided into six sections:

Section 1 - Introduction to Leisure and Tourism facilities in Swansea

Section 2 - Marketing the National Waterfront Museum - 4 video clips

Section 3 - Sampling the galleries

Section 4 - Managing the National Waterfront Museum - 7 video clips

Section 5 - Activities, further research and questions

Section 6 - PowerPoint presentation outlining the Products and Services of the National Waterfront Museum.


Sections 1,2 and 3 are primarily aimed at GCSE level students and Section 4, which contains an interview with the Head of the Museum, is more suitable for students following A level and other Level 3 specifications. However, some aspects of this section are also applicable to GCSE courses.

Section 5 contains a number of interactive exercises and research topics as well as website links.