Morzine Case Study

Attitudes and culture

Activity and Research 12

12. Attitudes and culture

English Breakfast - sign shows catering for UK tourists

English Breakfast Sign

Shows catering for UK tourists

The people living in Morzine accept that tourism is vital for the local economy and that many jobs rely on tourism.

Morzine has always been a popular winter sports destination for visitors from the UK and local people accept that there will be many visitors from the UK in the resort during the main seasons

English Menu - sign shows catering for UK tourists

English Menu

sign shows catering for UK tourists

There are about 150 UK based organisations operating in Morzine. Many of these are small, specialist tour operators who may only have two or three chalets to hire to tourists.

The people of Morzine accept that tourists from the UK are important to the continued success of the destination and that if less UK tourists visit Morzine because of poor economic conditions or because another destination becomes more popular, the economy of Morzine will suffer.

Therefore, there is less conflict between the inhabitants of Morzine and tourists from the UK than there is in many other destinations.

Alpine Elements - UK based organisation

Alpine Elements

UK based organisation

Activity 12

Using the website and a ‘Google’ search, identify 10 UK companies and briefly describe the products they offer to tourists.

UK company based in Morzine Products offered to tourists


Additional Research
Outline the possible impacts in Morzine if the euro is strong against the pound or there is an economic downturn in the UK.