Morzine Case Study


Activity and Research 11

11. Marketing

Tourist office Sign - Morzine - French alps

Tourist office Sign

Morzine - French Alps

The marketing of Morzine is carried out through its tourist office, situated in the middle of the town.

The tourist office has three main functions:

  • To provide information – The tourist office has a number of staff who can speak up to three languages to provide information to tourists who visit the tourist office.  The tourist office also provides information by telephone and through the Morzine-Avoriaz website.
  • To organise events – During the main seasons the tourist office organises events on a daily basis to provide additional entertainment for visitors.  The resort runs its own radio and TV station in the winter sports season.
  • To promote the resort  both within France and internationally – Morzine is competing with every other winter sports destination, and so has to undertake a range of promotional activities including attending trade fairs, talking to tour operators and journalists as well as producing a range of brochures and maintaining the website.
Mountain information screen

Mountain information screen

Morzine - French alps

One important aspect of the marketing of Morzine is that the resort is part of an area known as the ‘Portes du Soleil’. This is a network of 12 different resorts in France and Switzerland linked by a large system of lifts. This means that skiers and snowboarders can travel between the two countries across the border for the day. This is very appealing to many winter sports enthusiasts.

Portes du Soleil

‘Portes du Soleil’

Morzine - French Alps

The multi-pass is a recent marketing idea, designed to provide a better product for tourists visiting the Portes du Soleil area in the summer months. The idea is to make the area more attractive by providing reduced admission prices to many of the attractions in the area.

Winter Olympics 2018 - Morzine - French alps

Winter Olympics 2018

Morzine - French alps

The multi-pass provides reduced admission  - Morzine - French alps

The multi-pass provides reduced admission

Morzine - French alps

Activity 11

Using the website design a poster inviting and encouraging people to attend the winter Olympics in Morzine.
Additional Research
Using the website above, identify the strengths of the Annecy 2018 bid.