Morzine Case Study


Activity and Research 10

10. Sustainability

Sustain culture & economy

Sustain culture & economy

of Morzine - French alps

It is important to understand that tourism is vital to sustaining the culture and traditions of Morzine. The community relies very heavily on tourist income and this helps to sustain the culture and economy of the area.

Throughout the resort new buildings are being constructed using local building methods and materials. This helps to maintain the traditional atmosphere of the resort. The skills of builders in the area are also sustained.

Protected Landscapes

Protected Landscapes

Morzine - French alps

Many of the forested areas around Morzine are protected because of their special landscape qualities and because they include the habitats of a number of protected animals and plants. This means that the current lift system cannot be extended into these areas.

In recent years new technology to provide artificial snow for some of the ski slopes has been developed. Artificial snow is produced by spraying cold water into the air when the temperature is below freezing so that ‘snow’ is produced. In order to help sustain the environment, only natural rainwater, with no added chemicals, can be used in this process.

Activity 10

For the statements in the table below input your answer to identify if the statement is true about sustainability in Morzine and then click on answer to check.

Additional Research
‘Buy local, eat local and stay local.’
Use the Morzine web site to give some examples of how, by following this code, tourists can support sustainable tourism in Morzine.
80 ski resorts in France have signed an ‘Environmental Charter for sustainable development in the mountains’.
Find out more about this initiative.