Parts of a plant

This KS2 thinking skills lesson enables pupils to develop their understanding of plants. The activities are discussion based and designed to reinforce understanding of the parts of plants: stem, petal, leaf, root, stigma, stamen and sepal.

The starter activity is a matching game. In the main activity, pupils have the task of selecting and ordering five parts of the plant: number 1 being the most important. The activity should be done in groups. The majority of the class will use worksheets but one group can use the whiteboard and print their conclusions. There is no correct order and the results should be used as a stimulus for a further discussion. The plenary reinforces the concept that all the parts are important for the survival of the plant.

The lesson fulfils these KS2 national curriculum requirements:

  • Life processes and living things: Life processes 2
  • Life processes and living things: Green plants as organisms 1-6

Starter activity

Main session


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