This pack aims to introduce pupils to numbers up to nine. They will use songs and rhymes to practise ordering numbers correctly and to match the correct numeral to the correct item. Pupils will also look at how to form numbers in the correct way.

The pack includes a series of number songs that may be familiar to pupils. This section is called "number songs" and pupils can sing along. They can also play "number match" where they will help a forgetful shopkeeper to put the right number of items on the right shelf. They will also learn how to form numbers correctly on the scoreboard.

This pack meets the Desirable Outcomes for Wales: Mathematical development.

Pupils should:

  • recall a range of number rhymes, songs, stories and counting games
  • begin to recognise numbers and begin to match number to sign and sound
  • sort, match, order, sequence, compare and count familiar objects
  • begin to understand mathematical concepts such as "less" and "more"

Learning objectives

Main session


NGfL / GCaD Cymru